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Office So Law Office
Founded April 1st, 2015
Principal So Saito
Address 〒107-0052 AKASAKA Vetoro4F, 7-9-4 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
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Our philosophy is to seek the best interest of our clients in the fields of finance, IT, startup support, international transactions, general corporate and commercial matters.

We provide services that is flexible and of high quality at good value for money.

High Quality Services

So Saito has advised a wide variety of clients such as major financial institutions, companies listed in TSE 1st section, funds, businesses around the globe (including Japan, Asia, Europe and US) and last but not in the least, startups and ventures.
Leveraging such experience So is determined to offer hands-on advice and solutions that are fine-tuned to the situation the businesses are in.


We strive to offer flexible support fine-tuned to the daily operational needs of our clients with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the business of such client.


We are currently involved in quite a few cases of startups and new products in respect of which regulations and the applications thereof are still obscure at this moment.
In consultation with our clients we strive to offer creative solutions for those startups and new products.


Our fees are determined in consultation with the client based on one or more of the combinations of the methods listed below. Please feel free to discuss in more details any of below fee arrangements.

Hourly Rate

Base charge is obtained by the formula; the hours reasonably spent by the attorney to handle the case times the hourly rate applicable.
We take this formula in principle.

Fixed Fees

In certain cases the fees may be pre-agreed as discussed with the client in the fixed amount such as for the scope of instructions and work ascertainable due to the standardized or routine work or repeat transactions, etc.

Initial Retainer Fees / Contingency Fees

Based on discussions with the client, it may also be possible to accept lawsuits and negotiations, etc. via an initial retainer fees / contingency fee which complies with the former bar association standards.


Taking into consideration the nature of the startup business, the stage of funding, and other factors such as the potential for future funding, we will be pleased to consider various arrangements for a portion of our legal fees, such as payment in equity.

Advisory Contract

We will be pleased to discuss an advisory contract with the monthly fees *set in anticipation of the scope and volume of work.
*Such fees will be proposed by us, taking into consideration the scale and the nature of the client’s business, the matters that our office will be retained for, etc.

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